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Franchise Law

Our Practice

Our Franchise Law Practice counsels businesses on the full spectrum of product distribution methods and services and provides comprehensive advice to franchisors, franchisees, dealers, distributors, sales representatives and other clients that sell products and services in a distribution system.

Our lawyers take the time to understand each client's business objectives before determining the appropriate distribution method. Is a potential franchisee looking for a business format franchise where the franchisor controls the entire business concept and operation areas? Or would a production distribution model that leaves most marketing and management decisions up to the franchisee be more effective?

We help potential franchisors structure area development agreements, single franchise programs, master franchise programs, subfranchising programs, licensing arrangements, and joint ventures. Our full-service franchise support includes:

  • Documentation – including preparation of uniform franchise offering circulars (UFOCs) and other state and federal filings
  • Registration of the franchise offerings with all necessary state authorities
  • Registration of advertising
  • Solicitation of prospective franchisees
  • Preparation of brokerage and franchise sales agreements
  • Trademark and copyright registrations

Our counsel in distribution arrangements includes authorized dealerships and distributorships, business opportunities and sales representative relationships. We help clients determine whether or not their dealer or distributorship programs are subject to franchise law – and help them restructure their distribution programs to be legally compliant. Our lawyers regularly provide critical counsel on whether state business opportunity laws apply to such client programs as work-at-home or rack distributorship ventures. Independent contractor-vendors benefit from our extensive experience in structuring sales representative arrangements.

Businesses must respond promptly to the rapidly evolving franchising and distribution regulatory landscape. Our comprehensive franchise representation extends to providing clients with up-to-the-minute counsel on compliance issues.

Counsel from colleagues throughout the firm complements and supports our Franchise Law Practice. We offer complete representation on any commercial, trade regulation, intellectual property, real estate, environmental, tax, or litigation issues that may arise in connection with a franchise or distribution arrangement.

Our Experience

  • Completed franchise offering circulars and state and federal filings for a pizza restaurant concept based in the Great Plains region.
  • Completed franchise offering circulars and state and federal filings for an Italian fast casual restaurant concept based in the Great Plains region.
  • Represented the largest franchisee of a video retail chain in a sale to its publicly traded franchisor valued at $250 million.
  • Developed a joint marketing agreement between a medical supply company client and a large U.S. pharmaceutical company that facilitated the marketing of client products to national accounts.
  • Completed licensing arrangements for a Chicago metropolitan area dry-cleaning concept.
  • Represented a Florida-based franchisee of a nationally recognized retail concept in its acquisition of seven corporate-owned stores in Texas.
  • Advised potential franchisees on various educational, home decorating, deli and restaurant opportunities.
  • Counseled numerous clients in the educational, restaurant, fast food, and services businesses about franchising as a means to expand their business.
  • Represented frachise area developers across the U.S. in their relationships with services and fast casual restaurant franchisors.