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About Us

Honoring our history, we look toward a future of continued growth and success.

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Pedersen & Houpt has a long and vibrant history. In 1957, Peer Pedersen, a World War II veteran and law associate of Illinois State Representative and Senator W. Russell Arrington, formed his own law firm. An independent-minded entrepreneur, Peer Pedersen sought to provide the highest quality legal services to top Chicago and Illinois business leaders.

Firm's Long History

Within six years from the founding of the firm, Peer's University of Illinois law school classmate, Richard V. Houpt, joined the firm. His strong reputation and experience in municipal, zoning, and land use law complemented the firm's core legal commercial strengths. Both men demonstrated a fierce work ethic and believed strongly in balancing community service and commercial success.

Today, Pedersen provides sophisticated and efficient legal commercial and litigation services to a diverse group of large public companies and small businesses, as well as middle-market, early stage, and start-up companies and their owners. Our clients rely on us to guide them through all of their legal needs, from significant business decisions to the most complex global deals and litigation.

Our firm is comprised of a talented group of individuals who embody the entrepreneurial, innovative, and collaborative spirit of our founders.

Through their dynamic leadership, multi-generations of attorneys today look to continue the firm's growth and success. The clients of Pedersen can always rely on two things. First, that we are committed to our long tradition of hiring talented attorneys across key legal disciplines and industries who understand the challenges of the law and the needs of our clients. Second, that we will continue our tradition of public service to our communities. This combination serves the firm as well today as it did when it was first founded more than fifty-five years ago.